Chapter 6. Sail Query model

Figure 6.1. Class diagram for the Sail Query Model

Class diagram for the Sail Query Model

The class diagram above shows the Sail Query model from package org.openrdf.query.algebra. The Sail Query Model is a generic model for RDF queries. Queries in various languages (SeRQL, RDQL, ...) are parsed to models built from these classes. Objects of type Query can be handed over to Sail objects for evaluation.

Sails are free to evaluate query models in a way that suits them best; a Sail that operates on a powerful relational database supporting SQL, for example, can translate (parts of) the query model to SQL queries. The query model is also able to evaluate itself: The TripleSource interface defines all methods that are needed by the query model to do this. By implementing this interface, a Sail can use the self-evaluating feature. The heuristics-based QueryOptimizer can be used to apply some general optimizations to query models, resulting in lower evaluation times.